Florida Cardiology, P.A. Celebrates 40 Years of Patient Service!

Florida Cardiology P.A. News, Florida Cardiology P.A. 40th Anniversary

Since its inception in 1983, Florida Cardiology, P.A. has strived to improve healthcare in our communities (the Central Florida community) by providing comprehensive and quality care for cardiovascular disease.

Our emphasis has always been on creating a “positive patient experience.” As we are proud to announce and celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Florida Cardiology, P.A. this year, it’s in fact worth noting that some of our patients have stayed with us since the very beginning!

Our Mission

From a quality of care paradigm, our doctors are considered some of the best cardiologists in Orlando in terms of successful patient outcomes with low complication rates. But beyond that, if you are looking for a dedicated cardiologist in Orlando, consider our motto: “treat patients like family members”, one that our practice lives by. At Florida Cardiology, our doctors educate their patients to help make informed decisions and take preventative measures to minimize the risks posed by cardiovascular conditions. Providing patients with knowledge and clarity empowers them to make effective decisions to support their health and long-term well being. Our core values reflect our high standards for delivering “dedicated, compassionate, convenient care.”

We are “Dedicated” to our patients through the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease of the heart and vascular system.

We are “Compassionate” to our patients by going the extra mile to ensure our patients find comfort, good communication, and a successful partnership between the patient, family, primary care physician, and our cardiologist.

We are “Convenient” to efficiently serve our patients. We have established ten office locations and three free-standing cardiac catheterization labs to provide comprehensive diagnostic testing and service the needs of our patients in a timely manner.

Our Story

To appreciate how far we’ve come and how many lives we’ve touched, let’s reflect upon where we began. Florida Cardiology, P.A. was founded in March 1983 by Dr. H.B. Karunaratne, and Dr. Karan G. Reddy became a partner in 1992. In 1995, Dr. Sandeep Bajaj joined the practice and propelled its expansion. 

We originally started with just three locations in Winter Park, Davenport, and Clermont. Today, we have 10 office locations (Clermont, Davenport, Deltona, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Mary, Lake Underhill, Longwood, Metrowest, Oviedo, and Winter Park) across six counties (Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, and Volusia). With that said, our main office is the Florida Cardiology Winter Park office located at 483 North Semoran Boulevard, Winter Park, FL.

We also work with a number of hospitals, assisted living facilities and post-acute care facilities. Specifically, we work with the three major hospital systems in Orlando, including Advent Health (eight campuses: Altamonte, Apopka, Celebration, East, Heart of Florida, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Winter Park), HCA (four campuses: Lake Monroe, Osceola Regional, Oviedo Medical Center, and UCF Lake Nona), and Orlando Health (two campuses: Health Central and South Lake). In addition, we refer and treat patients at a number of local nursing homes.

Overall, our team of 16 cardiologists and 13 physician extenders are exceptionally passionate about providing high-quality and low-cost cardiology disease management. Currently, we care for approximately 400,000 active patients.

Our Impact

It is widely known that heart disease is America’s number one killer. According to the CDC, “Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. One person dies every 34 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.” The American College of Cardiology furth explains that “cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounted for 928,741 deaths in the year 2020. Coronary heart disease was the leading cause (41.2%) of deaths attributable to cardiovascular disease in the United States, followed by stroke (17.3%), other CVD (16.8%), high blood pressure (12.9%), heart failure (9.2%), and disease of the arteries (2.6%).”

Florida Cardiology is currently the largest independent, physician-owned cardiology group in Greater Orlando and the Central Florida area, and we are proud to make a big impact in improving patients’ lives and health in our area. Aside from medical practice, Florida Cardiology also supports community-oriented charities and non-profits, including the American College of Cardiology; Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc.; Central Florida Community Arts; and more!

Our Services

Benefits to our patients include same day appointments, coverage with most insurances, ambulatory home visits, in-office innovative diagnostic testing, and most importantly, cost-effective, high quality care. Our clinics focus on treating general cardiovascular medicine, resistant hypertension, advanced lipids, heart failure, arrhythmias, peripheral vascular disease, and vein conditions.

We perform electrocardiograms (EKG/ECG) and external counter pulsations (ECP)s in office.

  • Our vascular labs’ services include renal artery duplex scans, vascular arterial duplex, advanced vascular imaging for critical ischemia, venous reflex studies, deep vein pelvic venous ultrasounds, venous ultrasounds of upper/lower extremities, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and vein ablation.
  • Our electrophysiology services include Holter/ Event/ MCT Monitor/ Remote telemetry. We do exceptional work with loop implants. Our arrhythmias labs offer pacemaker checks, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), and loop implant checks.
  • Our three cath labs provide left heart cardiac catheterization, right heart cardiac catheterization, diagnostic peripheral arterial angiography, coronary angiography, carotid angiography, thoracic aortogram, abdominal aortogram, selective renal artery angiogram, and lower extremity angiography. We also offer peripheral endovascular revascularization interventions, limb salvage endovascular intervention, iliac vein stenting, and percutaneous peripheral vascular interventions (PTA, stents, laser, atherectomy, thrombectomy, etc.)
  • Our stress/nuclear cardiology labs offer nuclear treadmill stress tests, pharmacological nuclear stress tests, lexiscan, adenosine, persantine, dobutamine, muga scan, and PET stress test.
  • Our echo labs offer echocardiography (2D), carotid doppler, arterial doppler study with ABI, and venous doppler.

Getting to Know Our Providers:

Dr Sandeep Bajaj 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Sandeep Bajaj

A board certified interventional cardiologist, Dr. Bajaj specializes in the advanced treatment of peripheral, arterial, and vascular disease. Dr. Bajaj is a true entrepreneur and pioneer. His passion for improving the healthcare delivery system continues to drive him to unite independent physicians. When he’s not working, he enjoys nature and the great outdoors.

Dr Glenn Dym 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Glenn Dym

A board certified electrophysiologist, Dr. Dym specializes in the treatment of all aspects of EP but especially bradycardia, tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, and premature ventricular contractions, which may lead to ventricular ectopy. Dr. Dym has a love for the arts, including singing and performing. He is a proud member of Central Florida Comminity Arts.

Dr Ashish Gupta 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Ashish Gupta

A board certified interventional cardiologist, Dr. Gupta specializes in critical limb ischemia and the treatment of vascular and peripheral arterial disease. He is passionate about saving lives and limb saving diagnostics. In his spare time, he enjoys singing and spending time with his dog, Bernie.

Dr Prashanta Laddu 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Prashanta Laddu

A board certified cardiologist in practice since 2000, Dr. Laddu maintains a focus on general cardiology with special interests in echocardiography, management of congestive heart failure, and other conditions leading to myocardial infarction. Dr. Laddu is very skillful with his hands and can often be found working late at night making woodshop projects, including a custom cutting board and a bench.

Dr Claudio Manubens 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Claudio Manubens

Dr. Manubens is a cardiologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, such as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders, and heart failure. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Florida Cardiology and Chief of Cardiology at Advent Health.

Heart of Florida Hospital. Dr. Manubens is also a licensed pilot. You’ll often find him flying his plane to a weekend getaway in the Bahamas. 

Dr Edwin Martinez 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Edwin Martinez

Dr. Martinez is board certified in invasive diagnostic cardiology and performs left and right cardiac catheterizations, temporary and permanent pacemaker insertions, nuclear cardiology stress tests, EKG’s, holters, event monitors, and implantable loop monitors. When he’s not busy with his clinic or making rounds at Advent East, he enjoys traveling and playing tennis.

Dr Usman R Siddiqui 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Usman Siddiqui

A board certified electophysiologist, Dr. Siddiqui has extensive experience in electrophysiology procedures. Always an innovator, Dr. Siddiqui was among the first to do the Amulet and Watchman procedures in Florida. He serves as the Director of Electrophysiology at Advent Health Celebration and the Nicholson Center in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Siddiqui is also involved in academics and teaching. In his past time, he’s a big fan of exotic cars and vehicles.

Dr Sameer Chadha 576x720 1, Florida Cardiology, P.A

Dr. Sameer Chadha

A board certified interventional cardiologist, Dr. Chadha specializes in peripheral arterial disease, congestive heart failure, valvular heart disease, and other interventional specialities. His research interests include cardiomyopathy, echocardioography, and electrocardiography. He’s also an avid soccer enthusiast and Lionel Messi fan. 

A Word from Dr. Sandeep Bajaj 

“Florida Cardiology was created to provide a platform for patients for rapid access, highest possible quality, and service with empathy and humanism. We treat our patients like family members. Many of my patients have my cell number, so they can call me at any time. Despite the fact that almost ten thousand patients have my cell number, the most interesting thing is the decency of our patients. They never abuse it. I’ve never been called excessively by any patient ever. Our goal is to provide expeditious services and 24/7 care to our patients. We’re also available whenever patients have emergencies and don’t want to go to the hospital. Today, getting into a cardiovascular clinic is extremely hard because appointments in many practices are not available for many months. Our goal is to do the opposite and be available 24/7, as heart is always an emergency. There is old saying- “are you serious? I’m as serious as a heart attack.” Heart disease is a science of instant need and emergent care, because a blocked artery has to be opened in a very short time. Otherwise, a large amount of heart damage can happen. Despite advances in medical care, heart disease remains the number one killer in men and women. Fortunately, advancements in research and technology have made monumental progress in the treatments available today. Certain treatments were not even imaginable forty years ago. We can cure many arrhythmias with catheter-based treatment and change the quality of lives. Atrial fibrillation has been an epidemic for many years, but it can now be resolved with ablation. Peripheral interventions and coronary interventions have improved the quality of life for many of our patients.

As the burden of heart disease continues to increase, longevity has also increased. The average life expectancy in the United States used to be 78 years, but it is expected that the current generation may live past 100 years. This is because of advancement in medicine, as well as cardiovascular care. While we reach new frontiers in cardiovascular care, the cost of that care should also be an important factor. That is why the federal government has put forth many programs, such as MIPS, to include cost and quality of care in an overall treatment plan. This is also causing a shift from hospital based to ambulatory care settings. We are also spearheading the movement to provide expeditious ambulatory care, which is safe, effective, and economical so that appropriate care can be given in less expensive facilities. At Florida Cardiology, it is our privilege and honor to serve our patients. We strive for excellence, and all our physicians go the extra mile to improve the lives of the people we touch and treat.”

Partnership With FACS/ Medicare and Commercial ACOs

In 2011, Florida Accountable Care Services (FACS) was created to support our network of independent physicians in the state of Florida. In fact, its first Accountable Care Organization, Florida Physicians Trust, was one of the first 27 Medicare ACOs in the country. Since inception, FACS has created efficiencies and provided services to help physicians manage their patients’ chronic care conditions while ensuring cost-effective, high-quality healthcare for all patients served.

Today, FACS has over 650 Independent Physicians and 1,000 Specialists within the state of Florida and beyond. Its partnerships include government and multiple commercial payors (United, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross) that have led to the formation of Medicare ACOs and several Commercials ACOs. By customizing strategies and focusing on value-based operations, FACS streamlines clinical care coordination in disease management, healthcare delivery platforms, credentialing services, and population-based analytics.

In partnership with FACS, Florida Cardiology has been able to significantly improve the quality of care, cost, and and health of patients within the ACO, especially as compared to hospital-based alternatives. This collaboration allows us to take accountability of patient care from the initial diagnosis through continued and specialized treatments. By placing the needs of patients first in a team-based environment across specialties, our physicians and staff continue to go the extra mile in delivering better patient care at a lower cost.


When was Florida Cardiology, P.A. founded?

Florida Cardiology, P.A. was founded in March of 1983, and is celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year!

What is Florida Cardiology, P.A.’s motto?

Our motto: “treat patients like family members”

What are Florida Cardiology, P.A.’s core values?

We are dedicated, compassionate, and convenient.

How many Florida Cardiology, P.A. locations are there?

We have 10 office locations (Clermont, Davenport, Deltona, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Mary, Lake Underhill, Longwood, Metrowest, Oviedo, and Winter Park)

What are the services provided at Florida Cardiology, P.A.?

Our clinics focus on treating general cardiovascular medicine, resistant hypertension, advanced lipids, heart failure, arrhythmias, peripheral vascular disease, and vein conditions.

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