Links to Health Information Sites

  • American Heart Association ( – The AHA supports research education and community service program. This organization also sponsors the American Heart Walk and programs to encourage the public to exercise more and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. This web site provides extensive content in all aspects of heart health.
  • Merck Medicus ( – This is an excellent web site which provide comprehensive information on the most of the health topics. It provides detailed patient handouts and health maps on various health topics. Once you get to this web site please go to Patient Resources.
  • Mended Hearts ( – Affiliated with the American Heart Association, Mended Hearts is a patient support organization of people with heart disease, their spouses and health care professionals. The main interest of Mended Hearts is to help people recover emotionally from cardiovascular disorders.
  • Web MD ( – This site provides comprehensive information on health matters.
  • Pubmed ( – Medline Plus is a service provided by US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health provides good source of informational on various health topics related to heart and circulation.
  • Heart Failure Society of America ( – This site provides excellent educational modules on congestive heart failure.
  • National Society for MVP and Dysautonomia ( – This site provides good information on mitral valve prolapse and also information regarding support groups for people with mitral valve prolapse.
  • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute ( – This website provides information on warning signs of heart attack, reducing heart attack risks and gives information about heart medications.
  • Vascular Disease Foundation ( – This site provides good information of peripheral, arterial and venous diseases.
  • Quit Smoking ( – This site provides comprehensive information on the risks of smoking and how to quit smoking.
  • Cut to Heart ( – This site contains general information about the human heart. It has neat graphics and good description of heart function.
  • Health Finder ( – This site provides reliable health information from A to Z on prevention, wellness, diseases and conditions.
  • Just Move ( – American Heart Association provides exercise guidelines on this website for healthy living.
  • ( – This site provides dietary guidelines for healthy living.
  • American Diabetes Association ( – American Diabetes Association provides information on diabetes for diabetics, healthcare professionals and the public, on this website.
  • Cardio Smart – (


Arrhythmia Support for Patients

  • Cardiac Arrest Survivor Network ( – A non-profit organization committed to the support of cardiac arrest survivors, at-risk individuals and their families.
  • Pacemaker Club ( – free online support group and informational resources for patients and families.


Women’s Heart Health Resources


Nutrition, Healthy Diet, and Exercise Resources

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