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Venous Insufficiency

Patient describes his journey before and after treatment of Venous Insufficiency with RF Ablation of Veins and Bilateral Iliac Vein Stenting.

Venous Insufficiency

A patient describes getting a bilateral iliac vein stenting for chronic venous insufficiency from iliac vein compression.

Bilateral Iliac Vein Stenting

Patient describes her dramatic symptom relief after Bilateral Iliac Vein Stenting.

Bilateral Iliac Vein Stenting

Patient describes his dramatic symptom relief after Bilateral Iliac Vein Stenting. He went from almost being wheel chair bound to walking 3 miles a day again.

Written Testimonials

Florida Cardiology provides me the highest quality of cardiac care. Dr. Hussain brought superb expertise, cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to my difficult case of peripheral artery disease. Though both legs were blocked by more than 90%, he successfully revascularized them by placing stents. At each step of the journey, his care was state of the art, meticulous, caring and highly professional. I can now walk without pain and my blood pressure and cholesterol are controlled. The support staff is engaged and involved in creating a caring and efficient environment for each patient. This is a center of excellence committed to delivering a holistic approach, high quality service and superb cardiac care. I am grateful to be their patient.
– Connie W.

Thank you for my 4 new iliac vein stents. I had no expectation of all the good I have from this procedure…after 20 years of only marginal help with any issue, followed by symptom management, pain management, and lots of doctor visits with no improvement, I can finally say, something worked for me. Gratitude, appreciation, kudos to the max to [Dr. Karan Reddy] and your staff.
– Lois B.

 Dr. Reddy suggested that I consider having stents placed in my iliac veins in order to open them up where there was a narrowing of the veins in my pelvic region. In March of 2016 I did just that. Dr. Reddy placed two stents in my iliac vein on the left side. Within two days I felt fantastic. The swelling in my left leg is gone. Most of the swelling is gone from my right leg. All of the other symptoms that I experienced are also completely gone.
– Bruce B.

To Dr. Reddy & Staff, I don’t really even know how to begin to thank you for what you’ve done for me. You have changed my life. I have stated feeling good again. It’s only been 4 weeks since my procedure and I can already tell a big difference…I am hopeful that with my great prognosis, I’ll be able to return to work on a full time base. Thanks to you and your staff for giving me comfort and explaining the things I needed to know.
– Angela S.

Everyone in the office is just wonderful. It couldn’t be a better team. The doctors and the staff have been very nice and I thank all of you for that.
– Linne E.

Dr. Sandeep Bajaj saved my life!
– Sharon S.

 This is a note of thanks for suggesting and leading me through the process of placing stents in both my right and left iliac veins. Such a relief! The surgery was outpatient…and after it, I was able to stand and be released, I was amazed at the immediate difference. All the symptoms were reduced or gone!
– Sue B.

 Dr. Reddy went above and beyond his duty to help me. I now have a brand new left knee, my tibia is straightened, I can stand up straight and walk once again and I am not bed ridden any longer. I will always by a chronic pain patient, but by Dr. Reddy placing the four iliac stents in each side of my groin area, my quality of life has improved greatly. The scar from my knee surgery is beautifully healed and that would not have been possible had the blood flow been as it was before the stent insertion.
– Valerie S.

After a discussion of the problem and the solution, the decision was made to place a stent in [my leg] to improve blood flow…When [the stent] was set in place and opened, the effect was almost instantaneous and quite dramatic, as I could feel immediate relief from the pressure in my ankle/foot…I progressed from requiring a walker, to using a cane and I’m now walking upright without any other support…My heartfelt thanks for the medical science that made this procedure possible and to Doctor Reddy whose knowledge and skill made it happen.
– Fernando P.

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